Show us what you know I

The student will create a film using any prior knowledge of the filmmaking process and work to grasp new knowledge about the process.

Content Objectives:

  • Each student will create a film using whatever prior knowledge of filmmaking while working to grasp new knowledge about the process

  • Student work will show current understanding of film production, including camera angles, editing techniques, script structure, and narrative storytelling

  • If you have no prior film or TV experience, your goal should be to put forth your best effort and not worry about the quality.


  • Video requirements are very open ended. It can be whatever you want it to be, just show me what your best work looks like!

  • Use cell phone camera and editing app (some districts may have to modify this depending on school policy toward use of cell phone videos in school. Possible alternative -use phones but cannot have any video of a fellow student)

  • 1-2 minutes in length

  • Turn in with instructor chosen delivery method.


  • I will allow the students to use the textbook and online resources if extra help is needed.

Necessary Knowledge:

  • Basic understanding of shooting video with a mobile phone

  • Basic understanding of elementary editing techniques

  • Platform to post finalized video

Possible Materials:

  • Cell phone

  • Video editing app (iMovie, Adobe Rush, InShot, etc.)

  • Tripod

  • Cell phone tripod mount


  • This first project is the only pass/fail assignment.


* This is an assignment that can be done either in class or outside of class.

* In the case a student doesn’t have a usable phone, the instructor should attempt to provide one or work with the parents to provide a phone for the assignment.