Basic Interview

The student will select someone in the classroom to conduct a 3 to 5 minute interview.


  • The student will develop communication and interaction skills by going beyond their comfort zone to retrieve essential information from a first-hand source.
  • The student will gather information from your source to determine what information is useful for
  • Once you have someone to interview, you must select a good location and questions on a subject matter that you would like to discuss.
  • Make sure that your questions are engaging for your subject to answer.
  • Increase familiarity with the “Three-P’s”

Pre-production: Planning your production

Production: Using the camera

Post-Production: Basic editing



  • Brainstorm your ideas for who you will choose to interview.
  • Think about the questions and content matter you plan to discuss.
  • Make sure that the location of your interview is visually appealing
  • Schedule your interview
  • Have the correct spelling of the person’s name for use in the post production aspects.


  • Appropriate framing: Three quarter angle shot/ Tripod needed
  • Correct audio Levels. Use of Mics (if you don’t have mics, please select a quiet location so audio won’t be compromised)
  • Proper lighting (3 Point Lighting technique)
  • Make sure you are engaged in the interview. Get your subject to elaborate on the answer.


  • Add name of the person you are interviewing. Lower 3rd
  • The finished piece must be at least 3-5 minutes. Your actual interview can be longer but the final exported portion to be submitted is to meet the time requirement.


This project can be assigned as a take home project. This would be up to the instructor of the class.


  • Three stages of production
  • Brainstorming and planning process
  • Shot composition, camera technique/operation, editing techniques


  • School camera / cell phone
  • Editing software / video editing app
  • Tripod
  • Lights


  • Grading according to the attached rubric - this project will be evaluated for both technical knowledge and creative output

Additional Questionnaire Packet:

See Google Classroom Documents