Equipment List for Intermediate

Advanced Video Cameras - DLSR/4K

DSLRs are mainly designed for serious still photography. But they are the most affordable way to get into creative low-budget filmmaking. They have big sensors and lenses, which makes it easy to shoot ‘cinematic’ shallow focus shots. Downsides? You may need accessories to get the best out of them, they’re slower to use than dedicated video cameras, and audio recording can be tricky. However, recent mirrorless cameras have image stabilization and electronic viewfinders which make video shooting easier.

Advanced Video Cameras - Large Camcorders

Large-body camcorders have built-in zoom lenses and headphone sockets. They’re faster and easier to use than DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, so they’re good for news and events. But they have fairly small sensors. That means they aren’t as good in low light, and you can’t get as creative with shallow focus.

Advanced Lenses for DLSRs

If you’re buying a interchangeable lens camera, you can buy it with a kit zoom lens, or buy the body alone and choose lenses separately. I recommend adding an affordable 50mm lens for low light shots and creative shallow focus.

Advanced Microphone

Sound is as important as pictures, and you won’t get great audio with the microphone in your camera. Using a separate microphone will make a big difference. Lavalier (‘lav’) microphones, which clip onto clothes, are the most affordable way to get good sound. Wireless lavs are great if you can afford them. You can also use a directional microphone. You really need to be listening to the sound on headphones as you shoot. But some cameras have limited audio recording options – and no headphone sockets – so you may need a separate audio recorder.

Advancement in learning the editing software

Further your knowledge in the editing software that you are using.

Larger Storage devices

You may want to increase the size of space on your external drives. The work loadwill be more and more advances so it will benefit you to purchase a 128 GB or a terabyte external drive if it is in your students budget