Music Video

You are to plan and shoot a 2 to 4-minute music video.


  • You are to plan and shoot a 2 to 4-minute music video of either the CONCEPT or PERFORMANCE video.

Performance Video: Dress up like singers/performers and create a concert-like performance.

Concept Video: Act out a story suggested by the music * The purpose of this exercise is to continue to familiarize you with the 3P’s but in the interviewing format:

Pre-production: Planning your production

Production: Using the camera

Post-Production: Basic editing



  • Brainstorm your ideas for what video that is school appropriate. (I must approve the song)
  • Can be a remake of existing video or your own version.
  • Must use at least 5 different camera angles
  • Every member of group should be on camera at some point of video for a portion of the time.
  • Consider all props, costumes and location for shoot.
  • Have the correct spelling of the person’s name for use in the post production aspects.


  • Appropriate framing for all shots used
  • Correct audio Levels
  • Proper lighting
  • Continuity of the video


  • Clean editing cuts
  • Music should be sync correctly
  • The video tells a story with the song
  • Opening/Ending credits
  • Must be 2-4 minutes