ABCs (3 Separate Sequential Locations)

A student moves sequentially through three separate locations. But just showing that simple sequence is pretty boring. Add a narrative and create a story to go along with that sequence.

Content Objectives:

  • Familiarity with the 3 stages of production – Preproduction, Production, Postproduction
  • Learning how to tell one story through multiple locations
  • Development of camera techniques and visual narrative storytelling
  • Further understanding of narrative and documentary


  • Brainstorm ideas for your project. Think about story ideas, locations, specific shots, or sequences, props, costumes, and anything else that might be a part of your project.
  • Using your notes from brainstorming, write a 1-paragraph treatment (summary of the plot) for your project that is 3-5 sentences long.
  • You must use all of the prescribed shots given to you by the instructor.
  • No single shot may last longer than six seconds.
  • The finished piece must be at least 1 minute long, but no longer than 2 minutes.


  • If a school camera is unavailable for any reason, this assignment can be finished with a cell phone.

Necessary Knowledge:

  • Three stages of production
  • Brainstorming and planning process
  • Shooting video at a specific location
  • Relating ideas with the written word
  • Shot composition, camera technique/operation, basic editing techniques

Possible Materials:

  • School camera / cell phone
  • Editing software / Video editing app (iMovie, Adobe Rush, InShot, etc.)
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Lights
  • Props/costumes


  • Grading according to the attached rubric – this project is evaluated for both technical knowledge and creative output.


  • This is an assignment that can be done either in class or outside of class.