Useful Critique & Feedback

I. What is critique?

A. Traditionally, Approach that encourages students to consider their own work by drawing comparisons with the work of their peers.

This is especially true of arts classes.

II. Goals?

A. Feedback from fellow students/instructor

B. Reflection on own work

C. New and original thought

III. Emphases

A. What’s wrong/what’s right

B. How can the work be improved

IV. What should critique be?

A. Excellence?

B. Empathetic

V. Instructor to Student Assessment/Analyzation

A. Analysis, Appraisal, Judgment

B. What is helpful/not helpful?

C. Objectives?

  1. Guidance

  2. Suggestions for improvement

  3. encouragement

D. Pros

  1. Standardizations

  2. Relatively simple with expertise

E. Cons

  1. Oversimplfies?

  2. Not individualistic enough?

  3. Where’s the instructor limit?

VI. Keywords

A. Objectives

B. Flexible

C. Acceptable

D. Comprehensive

E. Constructive

F Organized

G Thoughtful

H Specific