Show us what you know II

The student will work to create an interview about themself.

Content Objectives:

  • The student will recall information from the previous semester’s coursework.
  • The student will need to recall the basic three-point lighting set up.
  • The student will need to recall a variety of angles.
  • The student will need to recall a basic interview technique


  • The student will create a one to three-minute video in the style of a news interview using knowledge learned about the filmmaking and journalistic process last semester.
  • The assignment must utilize the three-point lighting set up, VO and VOSOT, B-Roll, and a variety of camera angles
  • Think about the questions and content matter you plan to discuss.
  • The students will create a script with the document shared with my email.

Possible Materials Utilized:

  • Cell phone camera
  • Tripod
  • Cell phone tripod mount
  • Adobe Premiere Rush or iMovie.


  • I will allow the students to use the textbook and online resources if extra help is needed.
  • Students are allowed collaborate in pairs or small groups if access to technology is limited.


  • This assignment is pass/fail