Silent Film

Visual narrative project where the student needs to tell a story without using any audio.

Content Objectives:

  • Advancing learning with the three stages of production: Preproduction, production, and postproduction
  • Learning how to communicate a visual story without the element of sound
  • Continued development of camera techniques and visual storytelling skills


  • Brainstorm ideas for your project. Think about story ideas, locations, specific shot sequences, props, costumes, and anything else that may be part of your video
  • Using notes from your brainstorming, complete a shot sheet detailing the specific shots you plan to use. Chart out shot action and shot description. Remember proper shot listing.
  • This film will be partially graded for continuity of costumes, props, and locations
  • You must use at least four different shot types
  • The finished piece must be between 2-3 minutes in length


  • If school camera or editing equipment are unavailable for any reason, this project can be completed with a cell phone and phone editing application

Necessary Knowledge:

  • Three stages of production (Three P’s)
  • Brainstorming and planning process (Shot sheet)
  • Shot composition, camera technique/operation, editing techniques
  • Relating visual narrative without the use of sound

Possible Materials:

  • School camera / cell phone
  • Editing software / video editing app
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • Props / costumes


  • Grading according to the attached rubric - this project will be evaluated for both technical knowledge and creative output


  • This assignment can be done either inside or outside of class